Empower others to leave MAGA and tell their stories.

Foster reconciliation with their friends and family.

Develop movement leaders to help others leave.

Dear MAGA Americans,

I was a devoted member of MAGA nation for seven years; it made me feel I was part of something important: a movement that was trying to save American democracy.

But starting in 2021, I realized I had been mistaken. It took me a full year to finally break away. During that time, I came to understand that MAGA is sustained by a series of myths that are intended to create perpetual feelings of desperation and panic.

Succumbing to these predatory myths does not mean you are unintelligent, weak, or lack good character and morals. I have a Bachelor’s degree; have been a working professional my entire life; am a family man; and consider myself a relatively honest and intelligent person. I think the same about you.

I understand the reasons you have for supporting MAGA. And I know many of us traveled different paths to get there. I did not gravitate to Donald Trump because of anything he said about Democrats, Republicans or people of color; I joined MAGA because I have always been suspicious of our two-party system, and I saw Trump—with no military or government experience—as an ideal candidate for the moment in our history.

I have a sense that some of you have quietly left MAGA already, or are increasingly remorseful, confused and scared. All of this can be doubly upsetting, since some of your sincerely-held beliefs may have alienated you from friends and family. That certainly happened to me.

It’s perfectly OK to feel this way; leaving MAGA was a tumultuous roller coaster of a process for me. It may be one of the most difficult endeavors you embark upon. In the end, it brought me an inner peace, and a newfound clarity about what is happening in our beloved country. 

I founded this organization, Leaving MAGA, because I wanted to create a safe, non-judgmental community for those who leave MAGA, as well as for those who are having doubts about, or remorse over, their devotion to Trump and MAGA. 

Our Leaving MAGA community will celebrate how acknowledging mistakes empowers you and America.

It’s difficult for a democracy to function well when millions are estranged from those closest to them.

You do not deserve to have your anxieties about change exploited. You deserve to know the truth. And you don’t need to leave MAGA entirely on your own, which is daunting and intimidating.

Leaving MAGA is possible. Recognizing that we were wrong, and acting on that knowledge, makes us all the more invested in democracy and in the continued work of perfecting our union.  

Sincerely, and humbly yours,